Why we chose Blue Buffalo kibbles.

by Conradi family
( Nevada)

We use Blue Buffalo kibbles, and Blue Buffalo also has a lot of yummy treats our pup loves. We like that we can always find it easily at any pet store.

We mainly chose Blue Buffalo dog food was not only because we had heard it is one of the better brands for our dogs good health, but also because Blue Buffalo gives a portion of the cost of the food to cancer research, a very worthy cause.
Before our Shih Tzu, we had a Lhasa Apso for 16 years. He passed away from cancer and we don't have the cash to give a large donation to cancer research, but each time we buy Blue Buffalo, it makes us feel good that we are doing something to help find a cure for dog cancer. It's such a yummy food that we've used it as treats and our dog really loves his every day kibble dog food so much, he thinks of it as a treat too.

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