Why the change in behaviour?

by Louise
(Herts, UK)

My female Shih Tzu Tallulah is nearly 11 months old, she has been such a well behaved pup and I've been very lucky. I have noticed in the last few weeks she has just become relentless, wanting to play ALL the time, barking a lot and generally mis-behaving. I am getting her spayed next week, not because of her behaviour obviously but I am hoping it may calm her down. When she is being really hyper, she just sits there panting the whole time.

Is this just a phase? Maybe her teenage years? Feel I am shouting at her a lot and feeling guilty. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Nov 26, 2011
11 month old shihtzu
by: Karen

My shihtzu is 18 months old now & that behaviour continued until about a month ago. Every day around 6pm he would start zooming around the house & go absolutely bonkers for about 2 hrs. This is definitely a puppy phase & it will probably last another 6 months or so.

I would play with him for a bit & then sit down & try to calm him down. Sometimes it worked & sometimes it didnt.

Having her spayed might help a bit.

Now that mine is 18 months old, the zooming has stopped although he still flies around playing,but its different now.
hope this helps.

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