Why is my almost housebroken 7 mo Shih Tzus starting to pee on everything a month ago

by Donna
(Cincinnati, OH)

i have 7 mo shih tzus who was almost house broken. about a month ago he just started peeing on anything in a corner. Like laundry bags, plants or trash bags. I haven't gotten him neutered yet. Is this why he's doing this?

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Apr 10, 2015
not a bad puppy , bad issues.
by: Rhonda Gabriel

Hello I am a page member, also with I have the same breed as yourself.

Moses is not fixed and he is seven. I noticed when he was a pup. Season change he wet the floor.

Also stress can effect theses little dogs. Do you have a teenager acting out? Yelling and house upset will make them pee. Has your work sked changed? I ask because a 8 month old can't hold it for eight hours.

When is the pee found? Morning, day time, evening?

Are we getting tied up in our own lives and forget he needs to pee.

If pee is found at nite pull the water and food dish at 7pm. I feed Moses morning and evening do not free feed. Comfort eating and eating out of boredom usually happens. And just like us we eat and drink then we have to go to the bathroom. Don't forget to set your pup outside every 2 hours. Not to play so no ball throwing. Once his businesses is done then play. Reward him or her with a dog cookie half of one is fine. Regular exercising him can help if he is stressed. One other thing he maybe wanting the house a little more kept up. They will pee on a mess.

Best Regards From Rhonda xx

Apr 11, 2015
by: karen

could very well be that he is marking his territory. friend of mine went thru this, had him neutered & no more issues.have him checked for a uti also

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