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Why does our shihtzu get aggressive with my husband and i?

by Rhonda Grooms
(Blue Creek Ohio)

This is my Shihtzu Bingo but we call him Bing Bing Or Bingers

This is my Shihtzu Bingo but we call him Bing Bing Or Bingers

I got our shihtzu from my mother a few years ago he has always been pleasant and sweet but now he is very aggressive torward me and my husband.

For example my husband or daughter can be holding him and all i have to do is walk up to them and he starts growling, showing teeth,and lunges at me. Vice versa when im holding him he does the same thing to my husband. He also does this when we go to pick him up like when he is laying down, standing etc. Now the weird part about it say i go over to pick him up he startrs growling and all the stuff i mentioned, but at the same time he is walking up to me wanting me to hold him and even while i start picking him up he keeps on growling and even after a few minutes of me holding him he still does it.

Then all at once he quits and loves up to me vice versa with my husband. He just started this behavior all at once out of the blue and i really dont understand it we dont mistreat him in fact we baby him constantly maybe a little too much at times for example when he begs for our food we always have to give in cause of them sad little eyes, we talk to him just like he is a newborn, alot of times we will make his own plate at the dinner table, were always loving on him, giving him kisses and hugs, he sleeps right in bed with us under the covers or where ever he wants to go.

If he wants to steal our pillows we allow him to do this and sleep without one. Now for his history while my mom owned him my son lived with her which he is adhd and bi-polar so he did hit, kick and do other things torward him but he never did get aggressive since he has been with us my younger son likes to tease him and make him mad and of course we make him stop doing that. Ok even with my son doing this he is not a bit aggressive when my son walks up to him or goes to pick him up. He is also not aggressive torward my daughter.

He has actually bitten my husband a few times and tore his hand open,but even after this we dont jump onto him or anything in that nature. We couldnt live with ourself if we did i have talked a few times about getting rid of him,but that thought makes me sick to my stomach we love him very very much and it would break my heart to have to do it. So we decided not to, and just try to deal with it.

We're kind of poor people living on a fixed income so of course i cant afford to get him to the vet or where ever he would have to go for this problem. Can u help us with this cause we dont know what else to do besides put up with it any advice would be great. Sorry this is so long but i wanted you to know about the whole situation and thank you for your time.

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Why does our shihtzu get aggressive with my husband and i?

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Oct 01, 2011
I always feel sorry for little growling dogs :(
by: Stacey

How old is she? Does she go to a Groomer that could have been too aggressive? Could she be hurting or uncomfortable somewhere in her body? Very odd for these sweet dogs to act this way. I have a two year old female that would never hurt a fly and loves everybody, but she just started recently doing a low growl every now and then, but never when held, mainly with play, she protects her favorite toys. I do notice when my granddaughter is too much on her face, she quivers a lip and has a very low growl. I was shocked by this changed in my dog.

I just figured she is maturing and changing. One thing I do know (from the dog whisperer show) is that they NEED to be dogs, and need boundaries. We cannot treat them too much like people. It messes them up. I am always mindful of that.

My dog is not to the extent that yours is, but I fear it could get worse as she ages. I am curious to see what people on here have to say about this. Please don't get rid of her, to go to third home might really do her in :(

Oct 09, 2011
by: Rhonda

No i never take him any place like that i do all of his grooming and really he is never around anyone but us. I have no idea why he is doing this now. He loves us so much when we come home he goes crazy starts jumping on us following us throught the house licking us but go to pick him up he starts growling and possibly biting us.My husband was playing with him yesterday and got in his face and if i didnt pull him back he would have done some damage to his face. I been wondering if it could be his insides also but i also got to thinking he should only do it while picking him up and thats not the case so im lost. No we decided not to get rid of him it would kill us if we did. Maybe it has come down to where we baby him too much but we had another little dog that we did that to and she never did turn out like that but it still could be i guess. Good luck with your dog also and i hope he doesnt turn out like mine just keep a close eye on him especially around your grand baby. If i forgot to mention something you asked me about feel free to ask again cuase i cant remember anything.Sorry it took me so long to get back to you and i appreciate your help and suggestions.

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