Why does my Shih Tzu poop in the middle of the night?

by Wendy
(Massachusetts, USA)

I have a 12 week old shih tzu who is fed three times a day, but poops more than 3 times. His last feed is at 5:30 and will usually eliminate by 8:00. However, he is also going in the middle of the night, before he is fed again (even a small treat). Will this stop? Thank you.

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Answers to your Question by Mick:

I have raised 3 dogs now and all from puppies. To answer your question, your 12 week old puppy is normal believe me :) And yes, when he grows up he will learn to hold it overnight. You haven't mentioned if you're house training yet but if you haven't, I would start immediately, it's pretty easy. With puppies, take them outside quite often and always to the same spot. Once he starts "marking" this territory, he will soon learn that this is the place to pee and poop. With my 3 dogs, I had them all house broke by 6 months of age. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

"You're doing fine!!" by Margie Clark

Wendy, quit worrying; you are doing A-OK. I have three little Shih Tzu girls and the youngest only 3 months old. As time goes by, you will learn her schedule. As mentioned above by a reputable breeder, take her out often and she will soon learn the place she likes to poo. When in the house, and an accident happens, notice in a corner or out of the way place so when you see her lurking around, pick up the little darling and you two go outside.

Recently, we got an Australian Shepherd--they wanted them all out at 7 weeks old which is too young but we have raised dogs, shown dogs, etc., we took her anyway and she cried the first night but then what helped is we put her pen right next to the 3-month old Shih Tzu little girl so then fine. :)

I find it always help to have at least two little ones; that way they have their "best buddy" plus you--as their good loving Mom. These two play and play and thank goodness, the Assie is very small Now!! The other Shih Tzu girls are older and they play too but not as much as two puppies.

Hopefully she will want to join her Doberman sister when larger. She and her buddy, Sadie, a Cavalier live in a large doggie room which has lots of windows and also air conditioned where we also spend a lot of time but they love to go outside and play also. Here is hoping the new Assie will want to go out and play too--right now says "hey, I am not used to this Air Conditioning but Think I Like It. lol

You will do fine; calm down and enjoy her. Margie

"Thank you" by Wendy

Thank you. We have started to house train our little guy. During the day we take him out every couple of hours and during the night I set my alarm one time and this usually does the trick. We are trying to crate train too, but this has been harder.After a couple of days he seemed to enjoy the crate and even would put himself to sleep. Then we placed him in it one morning, for about an hour, when we had to leave the house and he now refuses to go in it. It is as if he is afraid of it. Therefore, we have puppy proofed our kitchen and this is where he is sleeping at night.

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