Why does My Shih Tzu Go to the Bathroom in her Crate/House

by Jennifer

I have a 10 month old shih tzu and we had her since she was 7 weeks old. We have tried everything up to asking the vet and no one seems to have the answer I am looking for and that will work for me.

It took my dog awhile to learn to go to the bathroom outside since she was a puppy...Understandable...But now she should be old enough to where she has to hold it. We were feeding her in the morning and then letting her out every hour, but the thing is that she didn't like staying out there and she would always scratch the door, and we just left her out there until she went to the bathroom. Then we would feed her about 4pm everyday and then the same thing let her out every hour it was working for awhile and i was loving it, but now she is doing it again and i think maybe because we are at work now and before i was always home.

So then now we decided to feed her once a day and she still manages to poo in our utility room where we leave her when we are at work to actually move around. Then when we come home we let her out even though she went to the bathroom and then we will feed her. Then we will let her out every hour since we are home and the last time she goes out is at 9pm. Then we don't let her out until the next morning before we leave the house.When i go get her out of her cage she went poop in her cage.

Now the ONE THING that I don't get is why she can't bark and let us know that she has to go potty. I need help on how to stop her going to the bathroom in her cage and even the house when we let her run around, because we don't want to keep her in the cage because then she thinks that we are punishing her. Please Help

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Sep 23, 2011
crate accidents
by: Karen

I do know that Shihtzus can be difficult to train. I have an 18mth old & occasionally, even though I walk him & he has a yard, he will occasionally poop in the house.
Do you walk your shihtzu & if not, you should try that, as that does help.

I dont personally use crates, never have. Isnt there a way that you can fence off a large area, while you are not at home so she has some free space to roam around in.

Shihtzus can be very stubborn & she may not like being crated & she is telling you this by pooping in there.

I hope this helps a little.

Sep 23, 2011
dog door
by: Anonymous

I have 2 shih tzus and when they were around 3 months old we put a dog door in. Almost instantly they were potty trained. My little girl also had a bladder infection and once that was cleared up she did much better.

Oct 04, 2011
poo poo company
by: Anonymous

My dog would never poop outside unless I was with her. If I just let her out on her own, she would just sit at the door and not go, but if I walked around the yard with her, she went everytime. These dogs get soooo attached to their owners. That was when she was younger, she is two now and is on such a poop schedule that it is always the same time everyday. If her tummy is upset and she has to go a second time, she will bark at the front door. I bet your dog will do that eventually. I thought the doggie door idea was a good one for you. I have one but never use it as I have an inside cat that I don't want using it. Before I got the cat, I tried to get my dog to use it, but it was impossible to get her to go through it. I gave up and it really wasn't necassary anyway, but I think you should try it.
Good Luck

Jul 08, 2012
Help me with my 4 month old shih tzu
by: Evon

I take my 4 month old shih tzu outside everytime he finish eating and he never go to the bathroom outside. As soon as I bring him back in the house he goes to the bathroom I'm getting frustrated (what can I do???!!).

When I put him in his crate he poops in there my son said he ate some of his poop I not sure if he ate some or just had some on his mouth from being in the crate until we came home.

I really need help on what to do I'm taking him outside 25 minutes

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