Why does my almost three year old Shih tzu poop on the floor?

by Wits end

Why does my Shih tzu poop on the floor in any other room without her pads? She is well trained to the pads. She is almost three. We got her at around nine weeks and trained her to the pads. They worked great but the last 4 to 5 months she has been pooping on the floors. My husband say it is her separation (she smells and marks the spot) I'm not buying that.

I'm at my wits end. My daughter cries when I say I'm getting rid of her. What am I to do? She is very smart, loving and I thinks knows what she is doing. She is very loved. Almost to the point where she is spoiled. She is well taken care of. She was the runt of her liter and would hide.

Since we've had her she opened up so well and knows she is very much apart of the family. She doesn't go out side often but when she does she runs crazily and some times as of she doesn't want to come in. Most time she doesn't poop outside. I attribute it to the fact that she does her business on the pads. This is my dilemma and question to why she sneaks off sometimes and leaves a package. I can let her roam around ten twelve hours a day. She is perfect. But it I sometimes tell her no. Example stay out of the kitchen. She may leave me a package. Maybe not right then, maybe the next day. What are we to do?

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