Why all of a sudden does AbbieGail uses our Beds to go potty on?

by Brenda
(Carryville, Tennessee USA)

Our Shih Tzu, was one year old June 19th, we bought her for my Great Grand Son for Xmas she was 6 months old, we have never had a problem with her as for using her pee pads but she doesn't always do her dirty business on them so I have been trying so hard to get her to do both on the pads, sometimes she does and I reward her with her favorite treats.

But I have a really bad problem now she has started to do her bad business on my Grandson's Bed when she see the door open then she sneaks in and does her bad stuff.She has been in Heat for the past 2 weeks, at first I thought maybe that's the reason she is doing this.

But I know that's not the reason. I have a Grandson that has been working out of town and when his door is left open she does the same thing to his bed. So the other day my Son-in-Law and Daughter were in their room talking and Abbie was also in the room lying on a Chair, when My Daughter and Son-in-Law left their room and when they returned to lye down Abbie had done the same thing to their bed.

I have spanked her with news papers rolled up also put her in a room and placed a baby gate up so she couldn't get out I didn't want to shut the door that's why I used a gate. I am so angry with her she knows when she does these things because she runs and hides when I call her name louder than I normally do. I have also took her to the messy area and put her face close to it so she can smell it

Spanking her with rolled up news paper grounding her nothing is working. She is so beautiful can you tell me what options do I have left? Some people say it's because she is in Heat so does her Vet, I don't think so she did these things long before she came in heat.

I have tried diapers so what else is there? I would appreciate all the help I can get with this serious problem.

Brenda Jackson

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