Whining and non stop jumping

My dog is almost 2 and we have had him since 8 weeks old , he whines at night when we are in the next room . I have a female that is a few months older than him ,he is the baby. Last night he would not stop whining and barking and jumping up and down which I can hear from the second floor . It was like having an infant last night I got no sleep at all I keep my dogs in a gated area in my kitchen . They go outside in a gated area also . The dog in question ,teddy , is just off the wall. They are both really good with not caring about fireworks and loud noises . So I don't know what to do , I can't live like this , and I really don't wNt to have to find another home for him. He is very jealous and needy. I've tried everything , bark boxes. Shaking the can of coins, bark collars , nothing works! Help

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