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When will she start barking?

by Zowie
(Kent, UK)

Hi, I have 4 half mth old shih tzu. I've had her since 11 weeks what age do they start barking at the door and strangers etc?

she only barks when she plays with my lab can you help?

Comments for
When will she start barking?

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Sep 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

I adopted a 4 month old shih tzu and i seriously thought someone had taken his vocal cords out....but then out of no where he found his bark and sometimes i wish he would lose it again!

Sep 28, 2011
start barking
by: Angel Fernando

I don't really know if there is a certain age when a dog starts to bark.

I think for shih tzus, there are only certain situations that could make them bark.

Don't pressure yourself to when your dog will bark. It will come naturally. And when it does, you would just like it to stop.

Oct 04, 2011
same here
by: Stacey

I got mine at 11 wks also. She never barked, she would just "talk". Super cute little noises. As she matured (she is two now) she would only bark when another dog would go by our yard, but never barked when people went by. Also, if the house is quiet and her and I are the only ones home, she is constantly "on guard" and little noises make her growl, but not bark. That is actually what I love about this breed. They are not yappy annoying barkers. You should not want to rush this :) They are very selective barkers, almost like they think they only get so many in their lifetime so they save them up.....lol

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