What kind of Shih Tzu mix do I have

by Angela
(Corpus Christi, Texas )

I recently got my little girl and I was told that she is a month old (her teeth are barely showing) but to me she looks like a Shih Tzu and chihuahua mix, can somebody help me solve the mystery?

Thanks in advance

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Aug 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

wow, she is young. maybe she should have stayed with momma a little longer. I thought it was a cat. good luck with her.

Sep 29, 2014
She is darling
by: Margie

Angela, She is a a precious little girl. She may have some Chihuahua in her but she definitely looks Shih Tzu. But again, who cares.....she is your baby and she looks very happy and content.

She has you for her Mom and just Love and Enjoy her.

I have a variety of dogs LOL---fell in love with so many breeds when showing and all of them are purebreds except one---a little Pom/Chihuahua.

She looks mostly Pom but like I way saying to you, she is my baby and I love and enjoy her as much as I do the purebreds. And she seems to know she is a rescue; she continually wants to be held and played with plus please you. And also loves her sisters who could care less that she is a mix.

I see the many rescues out there and it makes my heart break; I will always have dogs and from here on, I believe I will just look at the rescues; they need a good loving home so much.

Margie and Best Wishes with your baby.

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