What is the right food for my shih tzus? Please help...

by Red and Diane

Our shih Tzu are the most wonderful little characters you could imagine and yet have all the little quinky dinks and traits expressed here in.

We have been using A taste of the wild and blue buffalo for puppies, since 4 moths old and are now 11 months.

I must confess I do cheat and give them a softer kibble as treats and now they seem to be turning their noses up at what has made them so healthy and happy as pups.

They each go for regular check ups get groomed professionally every 6 weeks and love their baths and fight for more rub down time drying off, they love it. They have almost quit eating the taste of the wild and never had a problem before.

They are eating all our plants and flowers and have even been sick from doing this. They have always had full run of the entire yard fenced in and now we try to fence off just flowers for their protection ( pupps protection)

My question is simple do they need a change of diet as they get older or rather mature or are we doing it all wrong from the start. We need to find the right food for them please !!!

We don't and didn't have a problem with training them to use the doggie door or asking to go out when it is covered. They are absolutely brilliant and creatively naughty. Life has become a game. They also demand attention and in out late 60's and just 70, they can be a hand full and inadvertently trip us by walking between our footsteps. We have discussed finding them a home with active children to love and play with them but not ready to give up this perfectly unconditional love they offer us daily and through out the day. We give them bones from the butcher so don't have a problem chewing things up, but one broke a tooth. We are in true need of the proper food that they will eat as before with enthusiasm. In search for what is best for them.

If we aren't right for their temperament as due to our age we aren't above doing what is best for them and if a younger healthier environment is the answer we are there. I just will not put them in an environment where they are caged up for long periods of time or don't have access to a yard and running room.

I know we have probably spoiled them by letting them live with us rather than be confined by us but they do not destroy furniture just anything loose or within reach becomes a toy and they have plenty of toys already. They love riding in the trucks and are great about it. They have never soiled the truck but we also are considerate enough to apply our selves to reasonable walk time and exercise time so there is no need for the other.

Thanks for the consideration and time to respond if possible about food and treats.

Red and Diane very proud loving adoptees into the world and family of Bear and Harley Shih Tzu.

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Jun 03, 2014
good food
by: Karen

I have been feeding my shihtzus taste of the wild for years now. One of my shitzus is 15. hope this helps

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