What is the average weight for a teddy bear shih tzu?

by Lisa
(Jacksonville fl)

I recently bought a teddy bear shih tzu. I was told she would be a small dog. What is the average weight. Also her fur is reddish brown and black. Will it stay that color?

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Jul 20, 2011
Teddy bear shih tzu answers
by: Tanya

Because the "teddy bear" shih tzu is a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Shih Tzu, yes your new puppy won't get that big. You can expect the full grown weight to be between 7 and 12 pounds, give or take a little. As far as the height, your teddy bear shih tzu won't be any taller than 12 inches at the top of the shoulder. I'm not to sure about the color of the fur changing. Hopefully someone else can help you with that. But, I am a little surprised that your new puppy doesn't have any white colorings at all. That is the dominant hair gene color of the Bichon.

Jul 21, 2011
teddy bear
by: Ed


I don't know about the mix but I can tell you I have 2 very small shih-tsu, Sabrina has maxed out at 3pound 6oz, and Pappo at 7 pounds, they both retained there color but sabrina lost a little white off her back and got a little more dark brown then the picture on this site. Good chance she will retain her colors if she don't grow to much. Good luck with her and maybe you can put a picture on this site for us to see.

May 01, 2013
by: Christine

we adopted a shih Tzu - didn't know about "teddy bear" ones. anyway he is mainly black with orange/brown tints and some whitish grey streaks.

he only weighed 11 lbs when we got him and is now 15.4 lbs. he is still small - a foot to his shoulder, small face etc. he is a happy little soul!

Aug 22, 2015
too big?
by: Anonymous

We bought a teddy bear puppy and was told he would be a lap dog. Well to our suprise he weighs 30 lbs and is 1 1/2 yrs old. Why is he so big??

Jan 23, 2016
Teddy bear / shih tzu. Zuchon
by: Jean r

My Mitzi is almost 3 yo. She is about 11 and1/2 lb. I think this is as big she will get. She is white with black spots . She is my spoiled little princess!

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