What can I do about behavior issues since having my tzu groomed?

by Karen

I have been unable to brush my shih tzu due to some illness, so decided to take him to a professional groomer. I did notice that his tail was matted, but didn't expect to see what I saw when I arrived to pick him up. Groomer completely shaved his tail, so now he won't walk & has to be dragged outside. I am sure it is because he has never had this much air on his butt. His entire personality has changed. Is there something I can do until some of his tail grows in? I am furious at the groomer & wont be going back there but feel so badly for the dog. He is only 1 yr old & has never been shaved like that. Any help would be appreciated.

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Jul 25, 2011
by: margie

If I were you, I would just love and show him a lot of attention.

I, myself, would never take my dogs to a groomer for the reason that most of them want you to leave them and then come back. Too many horror stories there...one died I know as they kept her in a dryer too long. Also you have no idea of how they are treated once you leave them.

I have had to trim pretty close to some of mine for this or that reason BUT never affects their personality. So I would be willing to bet that the shaved tail is not the issue with your little one.

I may not groom like a professional but I do pretty good with videos, books, and I might add, they are all happy. I hope you are feeling a lot better and if not able to brush, etc. your Shih Tzu, ask a daughter, neighber, friend to help you out and I am sure they will be happy to. I would if close to you.

Just remember, you have no idea what goes on once you leave. For instance, we used to show dogs and NEVER used a handler--again a lot of sad stories. One lady always talking about how her handler loved her little "Cocker". Well, one day she just happened to go to the town where she lived and also this handler had her Cocker. She was so so very upset----no water, living in own own urine and bms. She took her Cocker right then and happy to say---this handler lost her license to handle any dog.

No one takes as good care of your dog as you do.

Good Luck and get well soon.

Jul 26, 2011
behaviour issues after grooming
by: Karen

thanks so much for your response Margie. I totally agree with you about the grooming issue. I do believe someone did something to him there & planning to go VISIT the groomer tomorrow & file a complaint.Normally when I am well I groom my own dogs & will be doing so from now on.thanks so much.
He is doing a bit better today but still not 100%

Sep 17, 2011
Grooming tail
by: Joan

Margie, I just posted a similar issue. My Bonsai was not injured. I groomed his tail b/c of matting and he is acting strange, too. He is hiding under the bed, scampers around with his tail held to one side and is constantly licking it. He licked and chewed it before (at the base of his tail) but didn't act like this. What do you think?

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