Unusual behaviour - confused and anxious. What could be wrong?

by Jody
(Elliot Lake Ontario Canada)

This morning's routine walk before work was not usual. My dog kept pulling away and wanted to go elsewhere. Finally I picked him up and carried him into the apartment and the next thing I knew he made a beeline for under the bed (a first) and will not come out. I left him there saying "It's okay". and went to work.

This behaviour is all of a sudden as Willy is usually a happy three year old shih tzu with a flying tail. Proud and happy.

His tail was down and dragging while we had our walk this morning and he is under the bed and did not come out for a treat or anything. I went to work and am wondering what could be wrong - I have never seen Willy like this.

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Jun 15, 2015
Confused & Anxious
by: Sean Tobin

Are you leaving your Shih-tzu by himself for long periods of time? They are very social as a rule and don't like to be alone very long. If you can come home from work for lunch and see him that would help him.

If you aren't able to come home maybe a friend or neighbor could come and take him out and see him so he isn't by himself for long periods of time.

I think he is sensing that you are leaving him and it is upsetting him. They are very sensitive and emotional. All they want is to be with you, their best friend. When we leave we leave the TV or music on for him to feel like we are there.

I always talk to him when we leave and tell him I am going for awhile, but that I will be right back. He usually will turn away and hoes in and jumps up on putt bed and sleeps until we get back. We don't usually leave him for more than four hours without one of us coming home to see him.

Good luck. These are special animals and give back ten fold the love you give them.

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