Teacup Shih Tzus ... Don't feed into it!

by ed
(new jersey)

I have run a all breed rescue for a long time now and my wife and I have fallen in love with the Shih-Tzu breed. When we met I had two giant great Pyrenees and she had two rotties. Needless to say we were large breed owners.

Once we started the rescue we have come in contact with just about every breed there is. We now are crazy about Shih-Tzu. We still have our 4 big dogs but we also have 5 Shih-Tzu. While many breeds are amazing we just find Shih-Tzu very special.

We never ment to have 5 but two of them would be tea cup or imperial size. We never place a puppy until we know it is healthy. Each time one of these little ones show up they are not in the best shape. When the breeders find the little ones are not doing well they just want to dump them.

The first needed a liver shunt surgery then needed to be nursed back to health. $5000 dollars later and 3 months of care. We fell in love and kept her. Now 3 years later she is 5 pounds and healthy and happy.

The second one had no hair on her back and tail when she was left on our door step in the middle of the night in November. Thank god the person rang the doorbell or she wouldn't have made morning. 3 months of vet bills and hunting for her problem led to nothing. A week later we found the problem when she ran across the floor ... 18" of tape worm coming out her butt. After treating her and paying special attention to her diet for a couple months she was back.

Now everyone who sees the them falls in love and would like to adopt them. After all the time and love we can't let them go. The point is how could anyone breed dogs that will have health problems just to make a few extra bucks?

These little angels need more care and many times new dog owners won't have the experience or the money to provide the help they need. This is such a amazing breed it is a shame to ruin it. I promise no matter what size your Shih-Tzu is you will love him and be glad you have him.

Don't put yourself in the hands of a ruthless breeder. Find a good breeder or rescue and enjoy the breed for what they are. Super little dogs who will give you endless hours of love. Our other 3 are 7 to 20 pounds and they all have love to spare. If you really want a small one go to a good breeder and take the small one in the litter.

But say no to anyone who says imperial or teacup. They just want to get deeper into your wallet.

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by: Entirely Shih Tzu Team


Thanks so much for your wonderful post, and for sharing your experience and stories of your shih tzus with our readers. Hopefully many people will listen to your message.

Regards, Alison

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