Tanner is a Lhasa Apso Shih Tzu mix.

by Penny Parker
(Hampton, Virginia)

Tanner is one of two Lhasa mixes I own. These Lhasa mixes are brothers.

Tanner wants to be the alpha dog at my home.
Tanner is very loving, loyal and protective of me. Although there are other dogs in our home, Tanner would be happy being an only child/dog.

He is always aware of his surroundings, inside and out. He keeps an eye out for the squirrels and the neighborhood cats. Anyone walking down our road will be greeted by Tanner's barking. His favorite things to bark at are, our mail person, the large white box truck that drives down the street daily and our neighbor.

As bossy as Tanner can be, he does suffer from seizures. I have learned the signs and do my best to keep him calm. With July 4th tomorrow, we are trying a thunder scarf to calm him a bit.

It's hard not to love this mixed breed. If you want a loving companion, this breed is perfect. He follows me inside the house and in the yard. I'll never be alone with Tanner around. ❤

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