Should I get a baby shihtzu

by Mari squire
(Westland mi)

Hello my name Mari Squire, I have a question whether or not to get a shihtzu . My heart says to get one. But I have health issue, but I had health issue with Felix too . I had Felix for !5 yrs. I feel like I going to betray him by getting another one. I love shihtzu more than any other type of dog. Their faces are so cute. I tried for 2 yrs to get a rescue shihtzu, but everyone wants one. I rather have a baby shihtzu to grow old with. I have a cat that gets along with dogs.

I want what's best for the dog. I am 60 yrs old. He will live until 15 yrs old, hopefully, I'll be dead by then.
I read on a web site that shihtzu are great for seniors, which I am .
What do u think.

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