Shih tzu sad

by kimberly
(mission tx united states)

My shih tzu is 10months. 4 days ago i had to get out of my house cause the owner was going to paint and do some stuff in my home.

3 days i had him outside wich i never had him outside and he looked very dehydrated. he would only drink very sippys of water since i got him he never liked the water i dnt know why. so the last day i had him outside i took him a bath and realized that he has so many ticks and fleas so i started taking them off.

he looked alittle sad when i was doing that i also realized that he wasent eating how he was i thought that was normal beacuse he was groweing. i really dnt know what to do his nose is cold and he is sad and also always asleep since those 3 days that i had him outside is that normal????

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