Shih tzu nit carrying his tail

Hi yesterday after dinner my 8 yr old shihtzu dropped his tail and went very quiet

He slept well and has had a walk today ( tail half way up and trying to wag but not normal carriage for him) he was lively on his walk and did a slightly constipated poo but is weeing ok.

He's eating well but just really quiet .
He had a slipped disc in his cervical spine 2 years ago which he has fully recovered from, just not sure how long I should leave him before taking him to the vet because of this tail issue? I have metacam but am not sure if he needs it...

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Jan 31, 2016
Why wait
by: Ed A from NJ

It seems to me you are well aware that the tail is a sure sign he is feeling under the weather and with a past history of back issues I'm not sure why you are waiting. You know it is time. Take the baby now!

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