Which Shih Tzu Mix Do You Love?
Designer Dogs - Hybrid Dogs

A designer Shih Tzu mix is produced by breeding the Shih Tzu with another pure bred dog. These are also known as designer dogs or hybrid dogs. Shih Tzus have become a favorite choice of breeders when crossbreeding because of the Shih Tzus outstanding qualities.

Shih Tzu Mix
Shih Tzu Mix

Many people choose a mix if they have a love for another specific breed in addition to the Shih Tzu. A hybrid dog is the perfect way to enjoy the "best" characteristics, traits, personalities and appearances from 2 different and distinct dog breeds. It has also been said, that mixing a Shih Tzu can reduce the genetic health conditions that are common to the breed.

As with any cross bred dog, unless you buy from a reputable breeder with full parentage papers, there is no guarantee of exactly what you are actually buying.

They may be any mixed percentage of the claimed breeds or they might have another breed in them as well.  

Of course, if you just want a loveable mutt, his or her pedigree may not matter to you that much!  There's always an element of surprise with the looks and behavioral traits of a mixed breed.  However, his or her manners and personality will depend mostly on how you interact with and train your pet.  So with consistent care and attention, odds are that your shih tzu mix will be a great companion!

We recommend you avoid buying dogs from a pet shop. Several mixes with Shih Tzus are favorites of puppy farms.  Unless you see the parents, it is hard to get an idea if there are any health or behavioral concerns.  Mixes can have problems with joint and leg deformities, chondrodysplasia, elbow displasia, patella luxation, over/undershot jaws and teeth issues.  See our page on Shih Tzu Health for more information.

However, most mixed breeds are hardy and healthy.  And you will have the satisfaction of knowing your pet is truly unique.  No other dog will look exactly like your adorable mix!

Popular Shih Tzu Mix Breeds

We have compiled a list of popular Shih Tzu cross breeds. If you would like more information on these designer dogs, please visit the links associated with them.

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