Shih Tzu Grooming Questions - Need Advice

by Cathleen

My female puppy, Amelyah Magi is 5 months old. She has had professional grooming since she was 2 months old; however, I can no longer afford it. I have always combed her daily and bathed weekly. My concerns are cutting her hair. She has not been trained to hold still.

I want to cut her facial, feet, rear, and ears properly. I have purchased a remington shaver that is 1 inch wide with ear tips etc and quiet. I saw your videos and they are quite helpful.

Can you offer any advice or links on how to train magi and how to cut the nose area properly? She is very obedient and calm natured. She learns quickly and is eager to follow my instruction w/o demonstrating acting out or stressful behaviours.

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Help to hold her still and groom on your own
by: Tina

I made an AMAZING discovery--THe groomers loop- Bought on amazon for about 5 dollars- bathe her in the sink- GET A REALLY SHARP GOOD PAIR OF SHEARS- I then hook the loop on a cabinet handle and I have a groomers table- I am now ready with two hands and can hold her cut her etc etc with no more problems!!!

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