Find Reputable Shih Tzu Dog Breeders

Avoid bad shih tzu dog breeders! Get the best and latest information at a local shih tzu meeting group in your area.

Unfortunately there are a lot of bad operators out there, so searching online for shih tzu breeders can be a bad idea. Read more about why on this separate page.

So if it isn't a good idea to rely on the internet, how do you get great word of mouth recommendations and avoid problems? 

We suggest you find a gathering of other shih tzu dog lovers in your area.... they are sure to have the latest information about the best breeders near you. Whether you live in Florida, California, Ohio, Singapore or London!

Shih tzu meeting groups are also great places to find out information about free shih tzu puppies, pups for sale and shih tzu puppies for adoption. Your local rescue group volunteers may even participate in the meetup on a regular basis.

Of course, meeting groups also let you connect with friendly Shih Tzus and Shih Tzu Owners near you!

Come to a local Shih Tzu Meetup to play with people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Your furbaby will love meeting new friends too!  Many of the groups meet monthly, and some are for all small dogs under a certain weight, not just shihtzus.

Find Good Shih Tzu Dog Breeders Near You...

Search for a Shih Tzu Meetup Group

Near You

Do you know of a shih tzu club that isn't listed on the MeetUp website? Why not get them to add their details for the benefit of other shih tzu lovers?

And if you're part of a shih tzu meeting group, please tell us why you like being a member.

  • Is it the friendship with other owners?
  • Did you join to learn more about your dog breed?
  • Or do you belong mainly for your shih tzu ... so that he or she can socialise with other dogs.

Just fill in the Facebook comment box  at the bottom of this page and share your thoughts... we'd love to hear from you!

AKC Breeder of Merit Program 

If you can't find a local owners group, then another option to find a good breeder is the American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit program.

This is a list of breeders which have a long history of involvement with AKC events, and meet other requirements such as performing health screens on breeding stock and registering 100% of their puppies with the AKC.

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