Shih Tzu Christmas Cards

Our shih tzu christmas card range is brought to you from a range of manufacturers and independent designers and artists.

Cards like these can't be easily bought at your local shop. So buying cards or other Christmas Shih Tzu ornaments and items online is the way to go.

Our range has a few boxed card sets. However, most cards can be purchased individually. Of course, if you want more, just increase your order quantity from our sales partners as needed.

We hope you enjoy sending these Christmas cards to your friends and family ... or to your very intelligent canine!

Other Shih Tzu Christmas Items

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Holiday Tips from American Shih Tzu Club

  • Keep exercising your pet.  We know Christmas is a busy time, but give your Tzu plenty of attention and toys to make sure he or she doesn't get bored and start attacking the Christmas decorations!
  • Watch what your furbaby eats.  Many Christmas items, like chocolate, walnuts and mistletoe berries, can be poisonous to pets.  Keep them out of reach, plus be careful of chicken and turkey bones.  Not to mention making sure he doesn't try to eat unfamiliar items like tinsel!
  • Give your Tzu some quiet time.  If you're stressed or the kids in your family are highly excited over their Christmas gifts or games, your pet may need some time out from the chaos.  Perhaps some time in another room or outside away from the family may avoid your Shih Tzu getting overexcited.

For the full article on avoiding holiday hazards, click here.

We know many of you love to make your shih tzus part of your Christmas celebrations. If you have a Christmas story to tell about your pet, please share it using the Facebook commenting box at the end of this page.

Or perhaps you have a great picture of your Shih Tzu dressed up for Christmas Day or playing with his or her presents. Shih tzus can look so adorable dressed up in a Santa hat or outfit!

We'd love you to submit your photos to our website for other visitors to see. 

Merry Christmas from the EntirelyShihTzu team

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