Beautiful Shih Tzu Calendars
2014 and 2015

Are you shopping for some beautiful and unique Shih Tzu calendars for yourself or a loved one? Look no further, as Entirely Shih Tzu has a great selection to choose from.

These calendars will put the finishing touches on any room in your home with their beautiful, glossy, full color Shih Tzu photos.

Are you looking for something special for the Shih Tzu dog lover in your life?

These calendars are the perfect gift idea as they keep giving 365 days a year.

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Fundraising Calendars for Dog Rescue

Another option to consider is a fundraising calendar.  

Why not find out if your local Shih Tzu rescue produces a fundraising calendar.  You'll be getting an adorable date tracker while supporting a great cause.  

Or if you are involved with a rescue, get some great ideas for your next calendar from this Dog Rescue Calendar Pinterest board.  

Of course you can add your calendar to the board too for others to see and buy!  If you've heard about Pinterest, but are not familiar with it, Pinterest is an online 'pinboard' where users can share photos they like and create collections to share with others.  

Personalised Calendars

It is now super easy to create your own personalised calendar.  Instead of buying a desk or wall calendar, why not get creative with photos of your own pooch?

This can be a wonderful way to share your love for your dog and great memories with family and friends.

Most digital photo outlets can produce these.  Or you can do it yourself easily at an online service like or

This type of service has lots of designs and styles available, and you can even customise it with photos and text on dates that have a special meaning. 

It's also possible to have a collage of up to 16 images for each month.  So you can capture your pet in all those wonderful moments and don't have to narrow down your photos to just one per month if you don't want to!

Why not try this today? ... you can start your personalised calendar on any month!

Make Your Shih Tzu a Celebrity!

We know your pet is amazing, cool and cute

(all Shih Tzus are!) ...

So why not share him or her with the world in the online photo contest where a new dog is chosen each week to be featured in the Page-A-Day Calendar.  

Vote for this week's dog, or enter your photo. 

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