The Shih Tzu Breed
About Shih Tzu - Appearance, Temperament

Looking for information about the Shih Tzu breed? It seems like everyday, more and more people are becoming interested in these wonderful pets and wanting to know all about Shih Tzu.

There are many reasons why these dogs are in such high demand but probably the top 3 reasons would be

  1. their small size
  2. their appearance and
  3. their hypoallergenic qualities.

Of course, many folks may tell you it's because of the Shih Tzu's loving disposition, loyalty, temperament, longevity of life, royal ancestry - and the list could go on and on.

All of these individual and varied characteristics combined are what make the Shih Tzu so attractive and appealing to pet owners. 

Appearance of the Shih Tzu Breed

The Shih Tzu is a small, compact and sturdy dog that tips the scales at nine to sixteen pounds on average and stands about eight to eleven inches tall at the shoulder.

Shih Tzus come in many different colors such as black, white, liver, red, gold, silver and "blue". Color patterns and markings may show up as solid, brindle, striped, irregular or multi-colored.  The best way to see the variety of looks a Shih Tzu may have is to take a look at pet photos shared by our site visitors.  

The coat of the Shih Tzu dog is thick, ravishing, long and flowing if kept at the "traditional length".

If groomed on a regular basis, these dogs are virtually non shedding and are extremely compatible with individuals that suffer from allergies. To find out more about grooming and haircut styles, please visit the Shih Tzu grooming page. 

Shih Tzu Temperament

The Shih Tzu was bred to be a companion dog. As such, their temperament is cheerful, affectionate, friendly and outgoing. 

Shih Tzus love to be around people, in fact they thrive on it. These dogs socialize well with other family pets especially if they are introduced at an early age. Shih Tzus are famous for their high-spirited personalities.

At times they can be very vocal and stubborn if they don't get their way particularly when exposed to something new or different. Keep this in mind whenever you begin training and be prepared to have a lot of patience during this period. The Shih Tzu is a very alert, intelligent and courageous dog. Because of these traits, they make good little watch dogs and will alert their owners to any "out of the ordinary" or suspicious activity. To find out much more about this topic, please visit our Shih Tzu Temperament page.

Hopefully, the Shih Tzu Breed information discussed on this page has given you some additional insight on these playful and spunky dogs. Don't forget to participate and ask any questions that you might have in the interactive areas of the website. 

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