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Severe aggression towards me and younger shih tzu

My 7 year old shih tzu has become increasingly aggressive toward me and my daughters 3 year old shih tzu. She is bring blood on me and the other dog.

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Why all of a sudden does AbbieGail uses our Beds to go potty on?

Our Shih Tzu, was one year old June 19th, we bought her for my Great Grand Son for Xmas she was 6 months old, we have never had a problem with her as for

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Homemade Food for York-tzu with Congestive Heart Failure. Need Help!

We have a 9 yr. old Yorkie/Shitzu named Aidan. He is the love of our life and a very beloved member of our family. We recently found out that he has the

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Does My Shih Tzu have a Cold?

I have 3 shihtzu puppies which are 2 months old. They seem to have a cold. Their nose is dripping with transparent liquid. They seem to have trouble breathing.

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Shaking just for attention?

My shi-poo is 12 and has always done the 'shaking for attention' I called it - however I'm wondering if it's actually normal? She's not cold (air temp

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Chloe (our princess)

I have always wanted a Shih Tzu but the family always won and we ended up with Black Labs twice. Well I finally got my wish when Chloe came into our lives.

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My Shih Tzu has Anxiety, Help!

My Shih Tzu, Gizmo, is 12.5 years old. His anxiety issues are becoming out of control. When we first got him, we had another dog, a shepherd/collie mix.

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My Shih Tzu has Insomnia

My three year old Shih Tzu sleeps with us and the last two nights he can't sleep when we go to bed. He tries but within seconds he moves to another spot

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