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Why is my Shih Tzu white fur turning rust color

Under his legs are now rust color and used to be white. What would cause this. He is 7 yrs old

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Help with my 14week Shihtzu

My 14 week Shihtzu tongue keeps hanging out his mouth with heavy breathing- can some one please help me I'm so scared.

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My female just all of a sudden started limping....could it be from her nails?

My son is extremely upset and thinks he hurt my 3yr old female....she all of a sudden started limping when he was done playing with her. I'm positive

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Mr Bentley

Bentley is a funloving, sweet, comical little character. He makes those faces that will crack you up. He is very smart.

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Obessive licking of paws

Licking paws non-stop. Also licking mouth. I've read it could be allergies, fungus or OCD.

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Why doesn't my 5yr old female Shih Tzu rescue dog eat?

We adopted this 5yr old female dog from a rescue. she's sweet &adorable, except she is a very picky eater. After going thru a variety of dry & wet dog

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wont poop

My shih tzu used to poop in our fenced yard, but now she does not want to go outside to the yard, because in the next yard there is a dog that keeps barking

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Evening behavior

Our male shihtzu just turned 1 - he is very smart -rings a bell on the door to go out to do his business- in the morning he's so loving - he goes for walks

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