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What could be wrong

My baby started whining all at once,and each time you go to touch him,pick him up he stats growling and trying to bite,he acts like he's hurt somewhere

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I need help with potty training my Imperial Shih Tzu

Hi, I am the proud Mommy of a ten month old Imperial Shih Tzu. I have had her since she was about 14 weeks old. She is mostly potty trained, but not 100%.

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Won't poop outside all of a sudden

My 2 yr old shih tzu was recently on antibiotics for an infection and he started to hold his poop in now and has no interest in pooping. He used to poop

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Why does he shake?

Before my dog goes outside to pee he is shaking. When he comes back inside he is fine? He is 5-6 years old. Weigh's 17.8 lbs.

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Shih tzu nit carrying his tail

Hi yesterday after dinner my 8 yr old shihtzu dropped his tail and went very quiet He slept well and has had a walk today ( tail half way up and trying

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My 6yrs old shin tzu has snapped at my granddaughter for no reason. At first I thought she had done something to him since he has always be gentle, but

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can a shih tzu at 6 month old impregnant a 3 yr old shih tzu

I turn my back for 5 min. and my female shih Tzu who is 3 yrs old was stuck with my 6 month old shih Tzu. my question is will she become pregnant? I don't

Continue reading "can a shih tzu at 6 month old impregnant a 3 yr old shih tzu"

Should I be concerned about his paw color change?

my dogs white paws suddenly turn light tan and now seems to be going back to white

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