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Why does he eat 1/2 his food?

It looks like he took a ruler and eats exactly half in a straight line

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4 mos old male - potty training help please

I need help with potty training. I have him outside a couple of hours a day. But he will not do his business until he comes inside. please help. thank

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I'm worried because my 4 yr old shih tzu doesn't drink alot of water and doesn't pee much.

My 4 year old shih tzu Abbey was a Rescue in 2013. She's always been finicky when it comes to her food and water. But when it rains out she won't go out

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why do they throw up a lot in the morning

I have a shih tuz male and he has always some mornings around 4 or 5 throw up then he is find and wants to eat his breakfast, he plays poops ok and eats

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Coco -Yorkie Shih Tzu

Coco is now 4 years old . She loves children and is very patient with them. Not particularly fond of other dogs, but will tolerate them. She is a true

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Why are his inside legs changing color suddenly?

Why are the insides of my 5yr old Shihtzus legs turning a red, orange colour all of a sudden ? His skin looks normal, it's just the colour of the hair

Continue reading "Why are his inside legs changing color suddenly?"

my male puppy doesnt bark

Bandit welcomes everyone in the house and won't bark. He is 8 months old

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Feeding and drinking

Hi I've brought a 8 week old shih tzu home today, he's wee'd twice on paper but won't touch water or food out of bowls even though lady I had her off said

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