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My ShihTzu is three years old and is such a doll. She is the third one I have owned. They have all been Pets As Therapy dogs. We visit hospitals, nursing

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boo chihuahua/shitzu

Cute as can be, true lovebug that will steal ur heart...

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She is a shih tzu chihuahua mix. She is 3 months old. So far potty training is not good. Working on biting and chewing fingers. They are quite tippy and

Continue reading "Dutchess"

Raven... Shih Tzu Yorke

Raven is full of energy and love. She is very good with the grandkids.

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He is the sweetest boy on the planet!

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8 yr old shitzu won't sleep

She wakes at 3am, licks me, stands in my head and pants through night. Won't sleep anymore. We've had her checked my the vet and her health is fine however

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smells in the home

My 15 year old Shih Tzu has made my home smell like urine everywhere. She is not urinating in the home but it sure smells like it. The smell is overpowering

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Just a got a shih zu its been 5 hours & she hasn't peed or poo

She ate she played & now sleep took her outside a. 2 times to pee she just sits there I'm worried I know she must have to pee right?

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