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Why is my shih Tzu mouth wet?

When I put my shih Tzu in his cage because I'm leaving, when I come back his fur on his chin is wet but the rest of his body isn't and there is no wet

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She is 10 years i old and shakes alot

I want to know why does she shakes so much and she isn't eating so much either

Continue reading "She is 10 years i old and shakes alot"

Why does he rubs his back on things

My Shih Txu is 10 yrs old he's healthy and friendly. But he rubs his lower back on chairs tables anything he can rub it on and growls like it's satisfying

Continue reading "Why does he rubs his back on things"

one month old having difficulty walking

My 1 month old shih tzu is having a hard time walking. his left feet seems not normal and very weak, please help me. he can move it but not along with

Continue reading "one month old having difficulty walking"

Why does my almost three year old Shih tzu poop on the floor?

Why does my Shih tzu poop on the floor in any other room without her pads? She is well trained to the pads. She is almost three. We got her at around nine

Continue reading " Why does my almost three year old Shih tzu poop on the floor?"

Teddy-I love him so much!

This little boy is everything I could ask for. He was a great baby puppy for me and is now a laid back 5yr old. he has such a great personality and knows

Continue reading "Teddy-I love him so much!"

Is my shih tzu scared or hurt?

My 8 week old Shih Tzu seems to have a behavior change and Im not sure what could be the problem. Prior to this behavior change she was eating all her

Continue reading "Is my shih tzu scared or hurt?"

My 7 year old shih tzu

She started shaking on Friday. she cries, she really hasnt eaten much and she's a big eater but I'm not sure what's wrong with her. Any idea?

Continue reading "My 7 year old shih tzu"

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