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Attempt to bite and growls

He had his nail clipped,groomer must have nicked bottom of paw. I was wiping him down including paws. It was frantic type of licking,when I attempted

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Health concerns

She is 16 yrs old and still gets around pretty good but last 2 days she didnt eat n seemed to struggle to go the bathroom. She has an appointment today

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poops at least 10 times a day why

About 3 months ago our dog started pooping all the time just real small. Then it started getting loose.we took her to vet he said she had unusual bacteria

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MalShi not affectionate

We use to have Maltese dogs. After being without one for 4 years, we bought an 8 week old MalShi from a breeder. I wanted a Shih Tzu but my husband didn't

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Emma, a MalShi

Emma is now 7 months old.

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my 16 yr old shih tzu hind legs seem to be giving out. is this the norm

my 16 yrs old shih Tzu legs seem to be giving out. he eats ok and still does his doggie stairs.he has lung problems. is it time to put him down?

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Why would my dog start crawling under our bed?

Lately my Shih Tzu crawls under our bed? Not normal for him

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eye tremor- what is this?

My 9 yr old Shitzu left eye is tremoring on and off for the past 20 minutes he also is jumps every so often then settles down what causes this to happen

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