Shih Tzu Alone by herself

by jeff
(washington d.c. )

Can a Shih Tzu be left by herself for 8 hours when i have to work?

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Aug 15, 2011
tough one!
by: Ed A

I am sure a mature dog could and any home is better than none if you are thinking of rescuing. On the other hand, can you give this little one a quality of life you would accept for yourself? Many people have dogs who spend most of the day home alone but then shower them with love. Only you can judge what kind of home you can provide for this very loving breed. Do what you know your heart will allow.

Aug 15, 2011
leaving shih tzu
by: Karen

A shih tzu can be left but it does depend on how old they are. When I was working, I had someone check in with the dog after about 5 hours so they wouldn't develop any issues. How old is the shih tzu?

Sep 02, 2011
by: Stacey

I had to leave my Shih Tzu alone while I worked all day for the first year of her life (she is two now). She was fine it seemed, but these little dogs are so loveable, I mean I never met one that didn't follow it's owner everywhere. Mine is at my feet no matter where I am. So I am saying that because now that I am home with her all the time I wonder if she was really stressed out all day waiting for my return. There was no way to know. She does sleep most of the day, so I figured that's what she did when I worked. If I had to do it again, I know she would be fine. I recently got a small kitten and I think that is her new love instead of me....ha ha. Amazing how she took to her, as if they came from the same mother. But anyway, I veared off think it is fine to leave them alone.
PS.....I did leave on the Animal Planet channel for her all day, turned down low. Please don't worry, go to work so you can afford your grooming bills and hopefully the natural dog food you choose for her :) All the best.

Sep 17, 2011
Arrogance of some owners
by: Liza Jayne

Ed's comment rubbed me the wrong way as he seems to have this holier than thou attitude as an owner. "Only you can judge what kind of home you can provide for this very loving breed."
That is exactly right Mr. Ed! So why even try to speculate on what kind of home somebody is giving a dog? Have you been to this home and seen how they care for their pets?
This is the exact attitude, of looking down your nose at others, that kept me from rescuing and fostering for years! If you are so darn worried about the breed, then stop talking down to potential loving parents of this honorable breed and other breeds for that matter, and start encouraging and teaching instead of judging and discouraging.
Thank God I finally learned to ignore the arrogance of 'some' owners, and I now have a precious rescued Shih Tzu for a best friend. Makes me wonder how many more of these amazing creatures could be rescued and placed in loving homes if it were for selfish statements such as Ed's.

Sep 17, 2011
by: Stacey

Wow Liza J.....I did not get the same vibe you got from reading Ed's blog. I think he was expressing himself respectfully on here as most of us try and do. He is intitled to his opinion, but I do not think he derserves the tongue lashing and disrespect that you showed him. I found your comments way offensive and just down right mean. You are really not fostering dogs anymore because of people have other views than you ??? Really ??? . That just tells me that you don't really do it for the love of dogs. Are you that selfish? If your heart was really meaning to help dogs, the words from complete strangers would not sway you, so I don't think you really want to, just an excuse in my opinion....and yes, I am allowed to express it. Be nicer to people please.

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