Raw is Best

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My Shih-Tzu and Japanese Chin Mix

My Shih-Tzu and Japanese Chin Mix

I love my dog like all of you. So I feed him what is the best. It is the RED DOG BLUE CAT raw food. I have had my shih-tzu for more than 4 years. I have never had to take him to the vet for anything except for his yearly necessary shots, like rabies or distemper... He loves it and he does not smell. His poo too does not smell as bad. He poos only once or twice a day only. But the most important thing is its best for him. There is nothing in it that he does not need. It's like breastfeeding a baby compared to formula feeding.

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Raw is best II
by: Anonymous

To Tanya re. the brand I feed my dogs. It is the RED DOG BLUE CAT brand. There are no big pieces of bones in the food. Some bones are ground into the meat. For dog there is a 75% meat and 25% juiced organic vegetables. Since my Maltipoo is very picky and only likes the beef and tripe that is what we get for the two. I do get other meats sometimes like chicken or turkey. If your dog tends to be underweight feeding lamb is a good idea. Since its raw food you have to take certain care as to make sure it does not spoil. We get the one pound one which we take out from the freezer and put into the fridge - much like how you handle the raw meat you use for cooking for your family. We cut it into quarters and placed in a tupperware type container. It can keep safely in the fridge for 3 days. For my dogs one pound lasts about 2 days. I also buy buffalo bones- raw as well. The bones with some meat on them are great for the dogs to help clean their teeth. They love them and occupies them for a long time. Chewing on the bones make them relaxed. Make sure the bones are big enough so no problem of choking. It is amazing to see how they can knaw on it until there is nothing left. I have been feeding my dogs this kinds of food ever since I got them. I have tried good dried kibbles but they do not like it and I do not get the benefits.

Raw is good but be careful
by: Tanya

I'll agree with you to a point. A raw dog food diet has it's benefits but I would point out there are some disadvantages as well. The main aspect is bones. The shih tzu, as well as shih tzu mixes are fairly small dogs and even smaller bones have been known to cause them to choke or get lodged in their mouth. So, if you do give your tzu a raw dog food diet whether you prepare it yourself or you purchase it in bags, make sure it has no bones in it or very tiny ones. Plus, there is arguements whether to cook the meat or not cook the meat, etc, etc... Anyways, if we were talking about the large breeds such as a great dane or something, then I'd recommend some big meaty bones. I'm not to sure about the brand that you're recommending. Can you tell me more about it? Thank you

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