Questions on the Teddy Bear/Puppy Cut

by Margie Clark
(Bellville, TX 77418)

I have four that I want to have either the puppy cut or probably more---the Teddy Bear cut. I have seen Shih Tzus groomed from a groomer and they looked adorable.

I do not take my girls to groomers as have heard to many sad stories. But I will say these two looked so cute and the owner told me she uses the Clipper/Comb attachments.
And I see they are sold in all the books.

Can anyone tell me their experience with the Clipper/Comb attachment?

Thank you,


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teddy bear/puppy cut
by: Judith

Margie,I do my own Grooming too. My first try at a teddy bear cut, I used a 3/4HT blade on my Oster Turbo A5. I scissored the legs, kept the topnot.I love this cut and had it done in a grooming shop that was two hours drive from where I lived at the time,being clergy,we move from time to time and now I am an extra hour drive away from that groomer so I do my own grooming. At this shop the groomer scissiors everything and it is so beautiful.He recommended that the blade to use ,to get the the teddy bear cut look, was a #4 skip,I found this to be too short for my liking,so I switched to a #3 skip(attached to my Oster Turbo A5) On special occasions, I do take them back to that groomer for this cut,it is more expensive then all other cuts.I have searched U tube for a video of how to do the teddy bear cut with just scissoring,but to no avail. Hope this is some help to you.

Oster Turbo A5 2 Speed Clipper w/10

Oster Turbo A5 2 Speed Clipper w/10

thank you
by: Margie Clark

Judith, thank you for your advice on the grooming.

Don and I worked on our Havanese and Cavalier and they look pretty good. Then bathed one of the Shih Tzu girls and so tired, we haven't gotten to her grooming yet.

Again, thanks alot Ms. Judith in Canada :)

Margie Clark

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