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Question about canned dog food?

My Shih Tzu is a 3 year old healthy male, I've always fed him holistic dry dog food and now I am mixing with Blue Buffalo canned dog food. I was told that canned dog food is not good for his teeth. Is this true?

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Question about canned dog food?

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Sep 08, 2011
canned food
by: Karen

I have a 12 yr old & a 1yr old shihtzu. I have been feeding my 12 yr old a little wet food 2 x daily as a treat for many years. As long as they have plenty of dry food, a little wet food is good for them. My vet told me that the wet food gives them extra moisture if they dont drink alot of water.
hope this helps

Sep 22, 2011
canned dog food
by: Anonymous

I think it's not about being bad for their health because it was meant for them.

The thing is, at times when we change their food, they tend to become choosy. So we avoid switching their food.

Sep 27, 2011
canned food
by: Laura

Canned food just doesn't clean their teeth as well as dry dog food. When they chew dry food it rubs on the teeth and gums cleaning build-up off of the teeth. If you're worried about dental health, there are many products out there that will help keep teeth clean if you do feed canned - greenies, antlers, rope toys (supervise).

You should also be brushing your dogs teeth. I use the PetZLife gel and it works wonders at keeping plaque away.

PetzLife Oral Care Dog Supplement Dental Gel 4 oz

PetzLife Oral Care Dog Supplement Dental Gel 4 oz

Oral Care products specially formulated to end plaque & tartar build-up, and the all natural ingredients kill bacteria.

Oct 04, 2011
It's fine
by: Stacey

My dog eats both wet and dry wellness brand.

I mix a spoonfull of wet with her dry, so she still gets the "crunch". Being in the dental field for 32 yrs. naturally I had the same concern as you. But my dog gets two wellness bisquits a day and they are very crunchy, so I am not concerned about her teeth. I would rather her benefit from the wet food. I check her teeth often. She is two yrs old and her teeth are perfect. Wet food is fine.

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