our shih tzu scratches alot

Our dog bailey is 4 yrs old she scratches and chews on herself all the time. We put her on a grain free diet a couple months ago, even her treats are grain free. but she still does it.

I'm scared to take her to the vet as when we did before they gave her medicine that about killed her as she had a reaction to it.

Any idea on a home treatment?

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Apr 12, 2012
by: Karen

I have two shihtzus & it seems they scratch alot depending on the season.

I use a shampoo called Equyss which helps the scratching alot. I bought it on Pet Edge.
My dogs are also on grain free diets.

hope this helps

Mar 24, 2014
Dry skin
by: Anonymous

Ours had dry skin and scratched and chewed herself a lot until I put a tiny bit of Olive Oil in her food. The oil helped her dry, flaky skin problem and she stopped scratching.

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