Oliver Shitzu Lhapso

Oliver is a 4 year old Shi Apso mix. He is very protective but very playful also. Oliver is great with children and ladies, but can be very wary of strangers and men in particular. Oliver loves to nap and follows me everywhere. If I get up in the night, Oliver will get up too. Oliver likes to play tug-o-war with his toys and has a favourite blue ball he's has since he was a pup. He loves anything that squeaks. He likes to walk, but not for long, he can tire quickly especially when the weather is hot. This breed was not meant to like water however, Oliver is a great swimmer! I took him paddle boarding when he was a pup, and he spent his time swimming back and forth between mine and my daughters paddleboard. I don't worry as much when he's in the water when his hair is short. He doesn't care from grooming or baths, and he's behaves better when I groom him myslef. Oliver is okay with other dogs his size or smaller- but very protective around bigger dogs. I purchased Oliver directly from the family who bread the mother and father. The family also owned the grandparents as well. My only regret- I should have got two.

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