Neutered male can't break him of lifting his leg in house

by Faith
(Western PA)

We have 2 beautiful Shihtzu's. They were both house broken using the indoor grass/pee pad. The oldest we have no problems with he is going to be 4. The younger one (who is going to be 3) uses the pee pad sometimes not others. Mostly on the dining room furniture but he has hit a couch and 2 different chairs. We have hard wood floors and it is becoming a real problem. I actually got the 2nd one for a playmate. Right now I am ready to pull my hair out. It would break my heart to find him a new home, and I think older one would be lost.

We do have a lot of ground but on a fixed income putting in a fence is out of the question. Having recently had a knee replacement I can't take them for walks. My husband is in the middle of 4 eye surgery's so he is no help.

Husband says it is up to me to decide what to do to fix the problem
Oh one more thing took him to the vet he has no medical problems
I know they are stubborn dogs I just need your help. Thanks
Faith H.

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