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My views on the 'imperial' shihtzu

by jon cornfield
(bolton lancashire uk)

I think it's a fake and they're making money off lying. Any body can breed runt to runt with any breed to get a smaller dog. It's the same breed, same genetics, same breeding line. Any body who tries and sells a poor, innocent shihtzu as imperial is tight and is only interested in money !!!!

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My views on the 'imperial' shihtzu

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the 'imperial shihtzu' !!
by: Anonymous

If they would put a stop to it the shihtzu would benefit loads its just causing more problems for an almost perfect breed !!!!!!!!!

On the money! But half the story.
by: Anonymous

I agree one hundred percent but people like that don't care, they just chase "oh mighty dollar". Without care for the animals or the people who buy them and that is where the real problem starts. Most of the time when down breeding is done you are breeding the less healthy dogs and making the breed not only smaller but weaker. Since they are catering to the uninformed many of the owners of these little "designer runts" have no Idea they are buying into a life of illness and often times big vet bills. This leads to the poor puppy not getting the attention it needs or worse, like going to a shelter that don't have the time or money to see to it's needs. Then what? Once again Gods littlest, most defenseless babies have to pay for the bad conduct of some greedy breeders. Laws have to be changed to make these Breeders more acountable but everytime someone trys to make them acountable, someone screams we are losing money and the polititions run for cover. Just a shame!

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