my moms adopted 2 year old shih tzu wont stop barking at night when sleeping in separate quarters.

by cassy
(toronto, ontario)

This adopted 2 year old shih tzu had the roam of the house, slept on the owners bed and was leashless to go potty.

Now my elderly mom is getting fed up. the dog goes out and runs around back yard. pottys but when it comes to night time doesnt like to be crated (plastic crate) and barks to be let out of crate. But when it sleeps on pillow gets up and plays and poops.

What can we do? This dog was extremely spoiled, we want to have best care for it but are training it to be crated. how long does it usually take? a week? 2 weeks?

please we need ur help. This dog used to be abused by its previous owner, so we are careful around it, but it doesnt seem to know its loved retaliates at night.

please hlp.

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Dec 04, 2011
night time behaviour
by: Anonymous

It can take a long time for the dog to get used to the crate & he may never do so as he is not used to it.

try putting in one of your old tee shirts in the crate so he feels secure.

I do believe that once a dog has been abused, it can take years for them to undo the behaviours.

I had one like that & I did crate him at night & it took quite awhile for him to get used to the crate,although eventually he did.

Jun 21, 2012
what's wrong with sleeping on the bed?
by: Anonymous

My Shih Tzu has slept on the bed all his life. He's clean, he doesn't shed, he feels loved, and on the rare occasions when He's sick, he wakes me up and I take him outside promptly to poop or throw up or whatever it is that ails him. He'd be very hurt and angry if I started putting him in a crate downstairs.

May 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

dont crate him, it is not nice to be locked up for hours like that, we only crated at night when tiny puppies, all mine have slept on our bed thoughout their lives and are so clean and as alrady said if need to go out during the night they will call me.

You cant just changed learned ways of life, so sad that this dog was mistreated and maybe being in a crate brings back bad feelings and frightens him, I commend your mum for wanting to care for him but it is very hard to heal an abused dog it takes a lot of work

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