by dolores barriskell

I own 4 imperial shih tzu all under 5lbs. two of those are under 4 lbs...they are perfectly healthy and i had no health problems with them at all and they are not RUNTS...they came from tiny parents and tinies way down the line...i had the standard size and i had health problems with them...if you get them from good breeders they can be just as healthy as the standard size.

I prefer the imperials i love their personalities and their affection that they give takes a good breeder a lot more time when they are pups and usually can't go to their new home till 12 weeks instead of the 8 weeks of a standard...

I don't know why they say they are sickly or RUNTS. They are not, they just are a smaller breed of the standard i don't care if akc doesn't reconize a few years they probably will because alot of people prefer them...a dog is only as good as the breeder it came from...

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