My 4 year old shih tzu has started growling.

I have a male shih tzu named max. He is 9 lbs and just turned 4 this past summer. He has been nothing but a joy in our lives and is the most well behaved dog ever.

He is very attached to my dad because he is home all day long with him. I went away to college when max was only a year old and understandably, I am not the first person he wants to come to. Still, I can usually get him to lay with me if I put him on my lap or hold him. This dog has been like a teddy bear, so cuddly and sweet. He is always friendly to everyone.

I am starting to get a little worried because in the past year, he has been starting to growl when I go to pick him up. His lips quiver and he shows his teeth and it is scary. He does this to both my mom and I, but will never do it do my dad. We are starting to get very worried because it seems his personality is changing and this is something we would have never imagined he would ever start doing.

Is there anything that can be done to stop this growling? It is honestly breaking my heart. I heard things like this may come with age, but I just want his old personality back.

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