My 3 year old Shih Tzu hasn't had her period?

by Tara
(United Kingdom)

My Shih Tzu was due to have her regular period 2 months a go but she still hasn't had it. She's never had any trouble with this before and has been perfectly healthy. I'm not planning on breeding yet but someday i would like her to have puppies, not for the money though!

I was wondering whether or not to take her to the vets to make sure she is okay or whether or not there is a simple reason. I have heard about silent heats but i'm not sure.

She is acting perfectly fine and healthy but she just hasn't had her heat.

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Jun 08, 2015
3 and no period...
by: Rhonda

I am also, a proud owner of the same breed just crossed with a Pomeranian.

When I was reading your input. The first possibly I thought of was, eh, sometimes us ladies don't always get our period.

May sound insane to compare us to a dog.
One other possibly to help ...

Her period may have been so lite you may have not noticed. Watch for excessive amounts of her "cleaning" herself.

I am not a veterinarian by any stretch. So these are just my ideas and opinions. When in doubt a fast call to the veterinarian or pet stores are very helpful. Best of luck πŸ€ your friend Rhonda.🐢🐾

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