My 2-yr-old, male, Shih Tzu, Benny, is refusing to walk.

by B.Rich740
(Ohio, USA)

When we went to bed, Benny was fine, we slept roughly 4 hours and upon waking he can't walk or stand. We've thoroughly inspected every square inch of his body, nothing visible. Also, a must know is we have no stairs, no sml children and no other animals in the house. Ok, so we gave him some baby aspirin and he started to move around a little but not stand, just scooting. He is eating and drinking as normal, he seems like he's not feeling well but not in any severe pain. Just a few minutes ago I took him to potty and held him up, he peed a river and I noticed he was squeezing his butthole repetitively but nothing came out but clear mucusy stuff, so I felt his stomach which seems rock hard. That's when my Husband informed me that he had caught Benny with a block of cheese wrapper, seems he was able to steal it from the fridge when the Kids were not looking, resulting in Benny consuming the entirety of a whole block of cheese, by himself just two days ago. So, is it possible that he has severe constipation, bad enough for him to not want, or be able, to stand, walk or use his back legs? He has also recently started panting heavily and his back half feels rather warmish, hard to tell with all his hair. Any advice, help and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Good day!

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