MalShi not affectionate

by Lori



We use to have Maltese dogs. After being without one for 4 years, we bought an 8 week old MalShi from a breeder. I wanted a Shih Tzu but my husband didn't like their flat faces so we got the Maltese and Shih Tzu mix. Even our vet said to get a mixed breed because they have less medical problems?

Her name is Emma and she is just not an affectionate dog. We were heartbroken when we lost our last dog and now that I'm going thru cancer treatments and spend a lot of time home, we thought it was time to have a dog again. An example, anytime we come home, she never gets up to greet us. It's like she could care less. This is the opposite of our other dogs.

Is this a Shih Tzu trait? The reason I wanted a Shih Tzu is because every one that I met was so calm and laid back, unlike our barky Maltese. Anyway, she rarely wants to be held. We've never been mean to her. Is something wrong with her emotionally? Could something have happened to her with the breeder? She's physically well, eats a lot but is a picky eater. She's very smart, learns commands quickly.

I'm very disappointed because I just wanted a loving pet especially at this time in my life. Any answers?

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