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Looking for male dog names for your Shih Tzu puppy? View our long list of Shih Tzu names. We have included the meanings of each name to assist you in your decision.

We understand that your hearts desire is to find the perfect Shih Tzu puppy name for your handsome male. Hopefully our list of names will be beneficial to you. If you have some favorite male Shih Tzu names that you would like added to our list, feel free to send us your suggestions. For those of you looking for Shih Tzu female names, we have a wonderful page just for the girls.

List of Male Dog Names

Name Meaning Name Meaning
Alexander Defender Alfred Counselor
Alvin Noble friend Ambrose Immortal
Antony Highly praiseworthy Archibald Very bold
Ashton Town of ash trees Austin Venerated
Baron Nobleman Bert Bright
Benedict Blessed Blake Dark
Braden Form the wide valley Bradford Broad crossing
Brady Broad island Brandon Sword
Britton Native of England Brock Badger
Bronson Son of the dark skinned one Bryce Quick moving
Buddy Friend Burnell Strong as a bear
Butch Butcher Caleb Dog, Heart
Carson N/A Chad Warlike
Chance Keeper of records Chang Smooth
Charles Man Christian Follower of Christ
Clifton Town near a cliff Cody A cushion
Colonel Military rank Colt From the dark town
Connor Lover of hounds Coy Quiet, Still
Dane From Denmark Daniel God is my judge
Darrick Ruler of the land Darwin Dear friend
David Beloved Delvin Good friend
Denzil British town Devon Defender
Dominik Lord Dwight White, Fair one
Earl Nobleman, Warrior Elijah My God is the Lord
Easton From east town Emerson Brave, Powerful
Evans God has shown favor Ewing Laws friend, Lawyer
Farris Iron, Strong Frankie Free one
Frazier French town Fu Weathly and fortunate
Garret To watch Geoffrey Heavenly place
Graham Warlike Hamilton Beautiful mountain
Harley Meadow of the hare Harvey Army warrior
Hilton Manor on the hill Hughie Heart, Mind, Intelligent
Hunter Hunter Isaac He will laugh
Jarrod Spear, Strong Jerel Strong, Open-minded
Jing Perfect, Calm and quiet Johnson Has shown favor
Joshua God rescues Junior Young, Child
Justice Just or upright Kasey Alert, Vigorous
Keaton Where hawks fly Kingston From the kings estate
Kip From the pointed hill Kirby From the church town
Kong Hollow, Empty Landon Long hill
Logan Hollow Lyndon Flexible
Manning Son of the hero Marley Marshy meadow
Marlo Bitter Marshall Steward
Matthew Gift of God Maximillian The greatest
Maxwell From the great well Monty Of the mountain
Newman Newcomer Nick Lord
Nigel Champion Noah Rest, Comfort
Norman Man of the north Norris From the north
Oakley From the oak Oswald God of the forest
Palmer Palm-bearer Parker Keeper of the forest
Patrick Noble Pete A rock
Piper Piper Presley From the priests meadow
Prince Principal one, First Quincy Fifth
Randal Shield wolf Randolph House wolf, Protector
Reece Ardent, Fiery Reed Red haired
Reggie King Robbie Famed, Bright, Shining
Rodney From the island clearing Rollie Renowned in the land
Ronald Powerful, Mighty Russel Red haired
Ryan Little king Ryder Knight
Samuel His name is God Sanford A crossing
Scotty A scottsman Shen Spirit
Sherman Servant Stanley Rocky meadow
Stephon Crown, Wreath Tanner Leather worker
Teddy Divine gift Tillman Virile
Timmy One who honors God Tommie Twin
Travis Crossroads Trey Three
Truman Faithful friend Tyler Maker of bricks
Wesley The west meadow Weston West town
Wiley Of the willows William Protector
Winfield Stone marker of friendship Winston Town of victory
Wyatt Joyful, Happiness Xing-fu Brave, Strong

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