Lots of weight loss and fluffin of her dark areas thru-out

by Carmen Corso
(Mech., Va. 23116)

I have a 10yo Shih Tzu who is wasting away before our eyes; she is truly nothing but skin and bones. Her eating has never changed. She eats as if she is going to the electric chair.

We feed her several xs/day, small amts. If we feed larger portions, she will throw it up undigested. She does not tolerate canned dog food; she will only eat dried, small pieces of food. We have tried many quality foods and still the weight is lowering.

She used to be a beautiful, healthy, happy, sweet dog but we see the life being zapped out of her. We have had her checked by several vets, she has had blood work, urine tests. Several years ago, we found a mass underneath her jaw; our vet would drain it, put her on antibiotics, etc. but the mass kept coming back, he finally referred us to a Surgeon who only specialized in dental surgery.

We almost lost her; her jaw was so badly infected and barely hanging, ready to break in two. Several hours of surgery and many $'s later, she recovered and was back to her normal self. But now the issue is her low weight. She used to weigh 17.5 lbs., now she barely weighs 11/lbs. We have exhausted our options.

Here is my theory: I believe our baby is an inbred, with lots of albino in her genetic make-up. She has large dark marks on her skin and the other skin color is pink/white. One of her eyes is slightly larger than the other, with the smaller eye having a pink/white color where her white eye lashes are located, her overall color is white with very light tan on her ears.

I have it in my mind my doggie has a genetic illness. I have shared my theories with the vets. I bought her from a reputable breeder. I remember she pointed out to me that she had done lots of research on this breed's genetics?! Please help us find the problem with our beloved dog

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