Little Tea Cup Shih-Tsu

by Ed
(New Jersey)

Sabrina at 1 lb 2 oz

Sabrina at 1 lb 2 oz

Sabrina at 1 lb 2 oz

My wife has fallen in love with the Shih-tsu breed and we now own 4. Two of regular size and two of the tea-cup size, all are rescues. Our two large ones are 13 and 10 pounds. The bigger dog has a wire type coat and the 10 pounder is like an angora rabbit. He is perfect in every way and a great dog.

Then we ran across Pappo. He was very small and we worried about his heath, now at 5 month he weights almost 4.5 pounds and our vet thinks he will make 7 pounds. He is very active and plays with the bigger ones which take notice of his small size.

Last came Sabrina. When we found her, she was 14 weeks old and weighed 1 pound 2 oz and we were sure she would not make it in her present surroundings, so we took her. She is now 8 months old and still weighs only 2 pounds on the money. She has grown healthy and our vet says she will make it and shows none of the normal problems these tiny ones show. When she runs and barks, you would swear she is a little toy.

So, all we believe is every dog deserves a loving home, but we do feel breeding down is awful and we wouldn't recommend buying a small one because you open yourself up for a lot of heart ache and high bills if things go bad. On the other hand, if the puppy is out there and you feel you can give it a good home, they should have a home as every dog should.

Very hard subject but breeding these imperfections is not. It can only be seen as bad conduct but it is never the dogs fault. Only greedy people!

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Our pleasure!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments, I forgot to mention that before my wife fell in love with the shih-tsu breed we already had 4 dogs! My wife had 2 Rotties and I had Two great Pyrenees (one a big male named Beaureguard is my service dog). We still have these guys to. We married late in life and have no kids so our pups are our kids! We love every one of them, for us it is a labor of love to have and care for our angels. Now that we have nursed our two little ones threw the young age when most of the really bad genetic things hit (the low blood sugar, liver shunt problems, eye issues and the other horrors of cross breeding the runts)we have two adorable little monsters, they are shih-tus threw and threw! That Mischeivous nature, there big dog addatude, those funny little posses and oh those eye that seem to see right into your soul and though we know how important crate training is we somehow always find them somewhere in the bed by morning (sabrina loves sleeping on my wifes pillow face to face with her). The rest are quite content with a spot on the foot of the bed and little Pappo seems to like a spot on the back of his favorite fur pile Beau (our biggest of the big the male Great Pyrenees). Funny thing is Beau seems to know when he is up there and never wants to move while Pappo is sleeping so if the doorbell rings Pappo leads the charge but imagine our visitors surprise when after seeing little pappo and relaxing about our beware of dog sign he see all 165 pounds of Beau round the corner! Needless to say we get some intresting questions from new visitors. I guess what I am saying is from 1 pounders to 165 pounders if you have love in your heart and kindness in your soul they are all babies to be loved so injoy them and rescue, rescue, rescue. Every dog deserves a home and will pay you back 10 fold for you kindness.

I agree
by: Mick

I agree with everything you posted. Imperial Shih Tzu breeders are unethical and greedy. They like to take advantage of UNinformed people. But, like you said, it's not the puppies' fault that they are brought into this world under those circumstances. And they do deserve a loving home to be raised in. Thanks for stepping up to the plate to care for these teacups. But shame on you Imperial Shih Tzu breeders for your shady business practices!!!

Such Lucky Little Ones :)
by: Margie Clark

Hi Ed, I am Margie Clark in Texas and wanted to congradulate you on your adorable little Shih Tzu little ones. Sabrina is adorable as I am sure all the rest are also.

You and your wife are wonderful people I can tell; give loving homes to the ones that you were concerned about.

We used to show Bernese Mountain Dogs and Goldens and still love them dearly but going to shows---I fell in love with so many breeds---Shih Tzu breed for example. We have three little girls who we think the world of.

Things change so much as I had never heard of
"teacup" or other extra size little dogs. I know they were never shown by that name in AKC shows.
And I agree with you, people should breed for good healthy ones and the size they should be.
Good for you all again.

Have a Happy Memorial Day with your little ones and give them all a big hug from my three--Lacy, Zoey, and latest---Katie. We are now in the process of getting rid of a very large ulcer in her eye. I noticed something wrong with her little eye but lady said she probably got water in it from bathing her---Right----@@@ I took her to our vet and large ulcer. I am like you, still happy with her and so glad we got her--evidently breeder was not going to spend any money on her to find out the problem. She said she had taken them to her vet; all I can say is she needs to change vets.


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