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Welcome to our links page - where you will find other high quality pet websites that we recommend here at Entirely Shih Tzu. If you have an interesting, pet-related website or blog and would like to see it listed on this page, please contact us.

Dogs Gossip
Where you can make your dog a celebrity! Dogs Gossip takes a light-hearted look at dogs, their antics, amazing and funny stories with photos from dog lovers. A web site resource about dog breeds, dog names for your new puppy, movie reviews, dog horoscopes, online shopping mall and much more.

Dog Adoption and Training Guide
Learn about dog adoption, choosing dogs and puppies, choosing kennels or breeders. Visit 165 dog breed profiles with illness info. Caring for a dog includes health, illnesses, feeding, first aid, clicker and obedience training, grooming and much more. Numerous breed groups and a dog book and DVD section. Hybrid dogs pages. Lots of photos! More.

Natural Dog Health Remedies
An informative site on common dog health problems and how to use natural remedies, such as herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, supplements, etc. to promote optimal dog health.

Dog Illnesses and Symptoms
Be an informed dog parent! Visit our site to learn more about common dog illnesses and their symptoms, as well as conventional treatment and some home remedies for such dog health problems.

Pets Place
Shih Tzu & other dogs in South Africa.

For new dog owners, or simply if your planning on getting your first puppy or dog. Do you have what it takes to become a responsible dog owner? You will need a few things, but, here are two important things that you must have.

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