Leaving adopted Shih Tzu home while at work

by Steve
(Middleport, NY)

Hi everyone. Two months ago, we had to have our beautiful 8 1/2yr old female Pekingese "Pepper" euthanized during surgery when doctors told us her intestine needed to be shortened, giving her a lifetime of diaherra and possibly the inability to absorb all her nutrients no matter how much she ate. It was THE hardest decision in my life, and I miss her terribly.

Less than a week ago after much thought, my wife and I adopted an estimated 5year old female Shih Tzu "Jaci" from a small breed rescue group. She is very shy and somewhat nervous, and was quite matted when she was rescued, but they cleaned her up very nicely. She seems very healthy and has a loud bark when the door bell rings.

I took off 1 week from work to get her settled in here. Next Tuesday, I return to work and am trying to do the right training to get her used to being by herself 8 hours a day - four days a week. I work Tu-Sat and am home on Mondays. Both of our "kids" are at college and my wife leaves at 8am. I am home by 4pm. I am trying to teach her to use puppy pads then transition to newspapers on a litter tray in case she needs relief when we are gone. I clean up this area every day and it doesn't bother us to do it.

Can anyone give me any other ideas to try over the remaining 5 days at home? I will walk her EVERY day after I come home for about 30-45 minutes. After losing Pepper, I would love to give Jaci a beautiful life here, it's just people have to work. She sleeps alot during the day, but we have been going on (2) morning/afternoon @1 mile walks per day since she arrived to get her tired and mentally rested.

Thankyou so much for any ideas.....Steve

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Nov 10, 2011
leaving adopted shihtzu at home
by: Karen

I would try giving her a small area to be in for awhile until you see how it goes. that doesnt mean crating her but cordoning off a room that she can be in like a kitchen or two rooms so she doesnt have the entire house. that seems to work with lots of dogs.

If this works after awhile you can leave her to the entire house. she should be able to go 8 hrs without having any accidents.

I have had shihtzus for years & left them at home for 8 hrs per day without any problems.

Not sure if she is used to being left alone so would give the above a try & see what happens. hope this helps.

Nov 15, 2011
thanks for the tips Karen
by: Steve

Thankyou for the tips Karen. She does seem to bark whenever I go upstairs or downstairs for more than a minute. I am trying to do the right thing and "Alpha" dog her with ignoring her before leaving for work or arriving home for a few minutes until she settles down a little.

There have been no potty messes that I've seen when I've gotten home, and nothing is chewed up at all. I tend to want to be gentle and playful when I first see her, but this is my first experience with a Shih Tzu and I hear they can be controlling of you if you let them. Also, would you have any recommendations of how to train her to use a potty area inside the house before winter comes and its hard to casually be outside?

Her foster dad said she was using puppy pads before we brought her home, and she's only went once on them. Our other dog used newspapers on a tray and it worked out very well first thing in the morning or right before bed. Most people want them to go outside, but here near Buffalo, NY, winter weather makes her going on a potty pad/ indoor commercial bathromm a good idea.

Thanks for any other tips.......Steve

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