Is my shih tzu scared or hurt?

by Lauryn

My 8 week old Shih Tzu seems to have a behavior change and Im not sure what could be the problem. Prior to this behavior change she was eating all her food whenever we fed her, and though she did sleep a lot she would sleep in various places around the house depending on what room we were in.

Recently however, she doesn't eat from her bowl, and will only eat if we feed her by hand while sitting with her, and doesn't eat even half of her food. She also has began retreating under the couch while downstairs or under the bed while upstairs and doesn't come out unless we bring her out. We use positive reinforcement to train her and do not ever hit or strike her, so were are unsure why she seems to fearful now.

She did recently jump from my arms one night and fell on her side as I couldn't catch her in time. Could this behavior be from an injury from that fall or is she afraid?

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