I am Margie and have enjoyed your list since you first started.

by Marjorie
(Bellville, TX--USA)

I still have my 4 Shih Stz girls and I love getting on your Site; it is so interesting.

As I mentioned, I have been on it for a long time. I first sent pictures of my Lacy and Zoe. Later on, I got Katie and posted her picture that Lacy and Zoe had a new sister.

I even enjoyed going back to the pictures I posted on your site and looked at them. However, I never can find them anymore; did you take them off for some reason?

That's OK if you did; it's your site but just wondering.


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Oct 07, 2014
How to find your photos ...
by: Alison, EntirelyShihtzu

Hi Margie and lovely to hear from you! I'm so glad you enjoy our website and keep coming back.

And thanks so much for taking the time to comment on other visitor photos and for sharing your experience with your shih tzu girls.

I don't think I have removed any photos - but I have archived some of them. For example, you can find two of your photos on this page if you scroll down to look for Lacy: http://www.entirelyshihtzu.com/archived-shih-tzu-photos-names-beginning-with-l.html

Otherwise, type your dogs' names (or your name) into the search bar in the right hand column and it should give you a list of pages where you've previously added photos to our website.

All the best, and thanks again for being a regular visitor to our site.

regards, Alison

p.s - your pets are very lucky to have such a loving mom as you :)

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