How long can my 15 year old shih tsu live with just diagnosed congestive heart failure

by Anita Riet
(Salt Lake City, Utah )

Her blood work and extrays done yesterday,, October 5 th 2016. They showed her heart disease. Showing liquid surrounding her heart. She also has had spinal disc problems and taking pain meds for a year. She has a hard time walking with her rear legs. She has very little appetite .she has lost 2 lbs in a month. Very hard to get meds down. I just wrapped meds in turkey and she ate it. She does not trust me when I put treats on the floor.

I have tried pill pocket and cheese. She did eat the cheese with pain meds for a long time. Now she won't eat cheese anymore. I have no one to help me get her meds down.
The vet gave her Furosemide and Enalapril yesterday. The vet gave her an injection of Furosemide. She said if I don't continue to give her this med, she may not live much longer. But I don't know the stage she is in with this disease.
. I am struggling with the thought of putting her down. Am I being selfish? I have had her since birth. I am truly begging you for advice. Her name is Mollygirl.

Sincerely. Anita.

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