How can I get my Shih Tzu to poop outside when its cold out.

by Celeste
(Chicago, Illinois)

I will take Gizmo out and he will pee without a problem but has a problem pooping when its so cold out. I don't blame him but I am not sure what to do.

I don't want him holding it for such a long period of time. I tell him "Go Potty" when we are out and he just looks at me like I am abusing him for bringing him outside in the cold. He had his coat and booties which helps. I have heard of leaving a pee pad out at home or getting a litter box and things like that.

I worry that if I do this he will get used to using it and won't be going potty outside once the weather gets better. What should I do. I work and so I need for him to stay on a schedule but the cold weather is becoming a big issue and worry.

Gizmo is 1 year old and he is fully potty trained. Please help!

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Feb 03, 2013
shih tzu too cold to poop outside
by: Anonymous

I say, use the pee pee pad, he won't get used to it as long as you don't keep one out at all times. My shih tzu sometimes does her business on my carpet if she has to poop and that's ok with me as I can always clean the carpet. She only did it twice and no more.

So don't think that Gizmo will get used to doing his business inside your home, as he won't.

The little fella has to go just let him go, its more important to keep our pets healthy and well, everything else can be cleaned and/or replaced. I wouldn't worry about the carpet, pee pee pad or anything that's replaceable or can be cleaned.

If you love Gizmo as much as i love my Gracie , anything goes with me as long as my little girl is happy and comfortable. I don't worry about anything but my little girl, but that's me....My furry children and non furry child are the most important people and pets in my life.

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